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Another General (mostly history) Booklist

Two new books on fascinating topics by two of our popular history writers:-

France on Trial Max Hastings

The trial of WW1 hero, Marshal Petain, after the end of WW2 for treason.

Sing as We Go Simon Heffer

The story of Britain between the Wars.


Charles I's Private Life Mark Turnbull

The man behind the Traitor King or Martyr King, depending on your own political leanings!

The History of Roman Legion VI Victrix Tony Sullivan

The Roman Legion that spent the most time in garrisoned Britain.

A Brutal Reckoning Peter Cozzens

Sub-Titled 'The Creek Indians and the Epic War for the American South'.


Israelophobia Jake Wallis Simons

The editor of The Jewish Chronicle explores the area between Hatred of Israel and Anti-Semitism, with a look at Zionism as well. Useful for those with good knowledge of the subject, as well as those with less. In my opinion, as well as that of others, this is an important book at an increasingly difficult time. It is sub-titled 'The Newest Version of the Oldest Hatred and What To Do About It'.


And now, for something quite different

In an earlier booklist I highlighted the beautiful nature prose writing of poet Edward Thomas, and this time a wonderful natural history book by popular historian and prize winning author, Adam Nicolson, viz

Life Between The Tides Adam Nicolson

Originally published under the title, 'The Sea is Not Made of Water'

It is written in exquisite prose and covers much more than mere natural history, with topics such as Folklore, History, Pre history, History of Naturalists and so forth making an appearance. I love it.

At the beginning of August I recommended a book by my friend Jonathan Farley, formerly Principal Lecturer at Greenwich Naval College. Very sadly, Jonathan passed away a few weeks ago. Happily, he saw the book published. It is available from Amazon.

The Struggle for Power Jonathan Farley

Sub-titled 'A guide to International Relations since 1945' I believe it to be great reading for those students in Secondary Education, undergraduates, postgraduates, and for all of us who would wish to be better informed about how the world has reached where it has in the 2020s. All Jonathan's proceeds are going to The Alzheimer's Society.

Another book by a person many of you and I know well from Lockdown University is

Women in Intelligence Helen Fry

Sub-Titled 'The Hidden History of Two World Wars'.

This has had great reviews here, and Helen has a light touch with much academic research underpinning it. Another to add to my growing Christmas wish list.

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