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Another partial and personal booklist : Aspects of WW2

Books relating to the war 1939-41

The Second World War Antony Beevor

Britain's War: Into Battle 1937-41 Daniel Todman

*Last Hope Island Lynne Olson

*The War in The West 1939-41 James Holland

1940 Laurence Thompson

Maginot Line 1940 Romanych & Rupp

Forgotten Voices of Dunkirk Joshua Levine The Blitz Juliet Gardiner

Blitz MJ Gaskin

Battle of Britain Patrick Bishop

Finland at War 1939-40 Nenye & Munter

The Fall of France Julian Jackson

The Oaken Heart Marjorie Allingham [real story of one English village]

Almost everyone of the books above have excellent bibliographies that allow a further choice of reading

Books relating specifically to Winston Churchill in the War

The Second World War in 6 volumes Winston Churchill

Churchill: A Life Martin Gilbert

*Finest Years: Churchill as War Lord Max Hastings

Six Minutes in May Nicholas Shakespeare

*The Splendid and The Vile Erik Larson

Cabinet's Finest Hour David Owen [Former Foreign Secretary]

There are hundreds of books on Churchill and on the war and this is a very small selection of those I have found useful and interesting.

I have starred the two books which cover their subject in full *

I have also starred two outstanding books *

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