• William Tyler

Religion & Politics: A Relationship for good or bad? An historian's approach to the question

The first part is to explore the various manifestations of this relationship, both today and in the past.

The second part looks at Religion and War - the opposite of what the three major monotheisms preach. So if religions preach peace why have they both condoned war and even initiated war? What is meant by an 'Holy War', and its near neighbour a 'Just War'?

The third part is to take World War One as an example, in which adherents of all three monotheisms took part on various sides. To contrast and compare Christian and Jewish views and to look at the consequences flowing from the war for both religions. We all live with those consequences still today.

Some Works referred to

The Lessons of History (Ch 7, Religion and History) W&A Durant

War and Religion (Oxford Very Short Introduction Series) Mitchell & Rey

The Great and Holy War Philip Jenkins

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