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Season's Annual History and Other Quiz. Just for fun.

A. Assassinations

  1. In what theatre was Lincoln assassinated?

  2. Which English King was (probably) assassinated in The New Forest?

  3. In which Dutch city was William the Silent assassinated?

  4. Which Scotsman was killed when his home was destroyed in a deliberate explosion?

  5. Where was Emperor Franz Josef's wife, Sisi, assassinated?

  6. Which British Prime Minister was assassinated?

B. Weather

  1. Which 15th century Yorkshire battle was fought in a snowstorm?

  2. Which battle of The Crimean War was fought in a fog?

  3. Which country's greatest General has been 'General Winter'?

  4. Which naval victory was England by 'The Protestant Wind'?

  5. Which famous Major General in Washington's Army later died of hyperthermia?

  6. Whose Highland Army had to go into battle cold and hungry with only oats mixed with water for breakfast?

C. A Mixture

  1. Which animal's eyes change colour from Summer to Winter?

  2. Which European capital was once called Christiana?

  3. Which African country is seeking the return of Benin Bronzes from European museums?

  4. How old was Queen Elizabeth II at her death this year?

  5. What was the name of the first black actor to win an Oscar for Best Actor who died in 2022?

  6. Who was the first Jewish Member of Parliament in Britain?

  7. Who was the first Jewish Member of Congress in USA?


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