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Synopses for JW3 Classes this week, 9th July

PLEASE note that there was an administrative hiccup and this week's titles did not appear on JW3 week by week list of topics

Morning; Earthquakes.

We begin with some basic facts, a little history, fracking in the UK, and tsunamis.

We then turn to our first study, that of the 1607 tsunami that hit the Bristol Channel.

Next comes a short section of the range of consequences following an earthquake, before

we turn to a study of the two largest earthquakes to hit England, viz the 1580 Dover/London Earthquake, and the 1884 Essex Earthquake. Then we turn to Europe to look at the disastrous earthquake which hit Lisbon in 1755. Finally, to The States for the catastrophic 1906 Earthquake in San Francisco, and the question could it happen again?

The Last Day by Nicholas Shrady (detailed study of Lisbon Earthquake)

Afternoon: East Berlin and The GDR

Our starting point is a quotation from 'Alice in Wonderland', followed by an overview. Next up is East Germany's first leader, Walter Ulbricht in the early years, up to the Rebellion of 1953. We continue with the rest of Ulbricht's rule up to 1971. A pause to examine the gallow's humour of East Berliners and East Germans. Erich Honecker, a rather different personality, but still the authoritarian leader 1971-89. A look at East Germany's security body, The Stasi, before (you've guessed it) the Zoo, although from 1955 two Berlin Zoos in deadly cold war rivalry, Pandas v. Rhinos!

Stasiland by Anna Funder

The GDR by Jens Schone

The Zookeepers' War by JW Mohnhaupt

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