• William Tyler

Synopsis for JW3 Italy class on Thurs 3rd Feb


Our story today falls into two parts, viz:-

Before and During Mussolini's Fascist Rule

A. Before Mussolini.

1.From 1885 onwards, Italy gets involved in North East Africa, in Ethiopia and Eritrea. Part of European nations' 'Scramble for Africa'. It ends in humiliation for Italy at the Battle of Adua in 1896.

2. Meanwhile Italy shows interest in North Africa, in Ottoman Tripolitania (Libya). War with The Ottoman Empire follows.

B. Mussolini's Rule

1. In 1935 Mussolini, attempting to recreate the Glories of Ancient Rome, goes to war with Ethiopia.

2. He also seeks an extension of Italian power nearer to home, in Albania.

Modern Italy M.Clark

The Pursuit of Italy D.Gilmour

Mussolini's Italy R.J.B.Bosworth

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