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Welcome to my blog

Something I had intended to set up 4 years ago, before retirement inertia set in. The present virus crisis has finally forced my hand.

Welcome to 'old' friends and new as we enjoy historical themes together.

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20 set 2022

Naledi Pandor’s love for the communist ideology and wanting to gift Cuba R50m, money that could save children in your country from starvation. She wrote a short while ago: “The idea that by donating to Cuba, the government is taking money from South Africans is a SELFISH attitude..” What an outrageous statement, and what an insult to South Africa

Mi piace
04 mag 2021

I was interested in your account of the debacle at Slapton Sands and read further to find it was even more complex as German E-Boats attacked the Americans the following day. What a nightmare.

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12 gen 2021

Hi William - thanks for your thought provoking and interesting lectures. They have been a life-line in these difficult times.

My concern rising out of your lecture today, plus my paranoia that is increasing all the time, is: what is the democratic countries of the world going to do about the rising muscle of China and it’s ambitions to control the world. Do you see a way that it will not succeed and, if so, how? I can almost accept the ambitions of Russia under Putin as I don’t think that he has the muscle or the organisational abilities or even the ambition to rule the world, but China is different. I

I would love to hear your thoughts, if…

Mi piace

07 dic 2020

thanks for answering my q about NATO.

your lecture was informative, clear, engaging and stimulating. TY

Q -what role should USA assume in european political/economic affairs?

Q- could Russia be incorporated into EU/US alliance. non aggression pact not perceived as appeasement?

Q- economic future of BR/EU?

Mi piace

26 mar 2020

Hello, You said this morning that you had written a blog about Latvia??? or perhaps not. Enjoyed the Baltics this morning. Thank you.

Mi piace
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