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A Long, but still selected, Booklist for Russian History


Russian History G.Hosking (OUP Very Short Introduction)

Russia M.Sixsmith

The Romanovs All About History (Magazine format)

The Romanovs S.Sebag Montefiore

Lost Kingdom S.Plokhy (Russian Nationalism)

The Gates of Europe S.Plokhy (Ukraine with Russian references)

A Short History of Russia M.Galeotti (to be published May 2022)

Peter and Catherine

Peter the Great RK Massie

Armies of the Great Northern War Osprey Series

Russia in the Age of Catherine the Great I de Madriaga

Catherine the Great RK Massie

Catherine the Great & Potemkin S. Sebag Montefiore

Journey from St Petersburg to Moscow A.Radishchev (18th cent, a fictional journey)

In the Shadow of the Empress N.Goldstone

The History of a Town ME Saltykov-Shchedrin (19th cent satirical novel)

Nicholas II

The Last of the Tsars R.Service

A Lifelong Passion Maylunas & Mironenko (Nicholas and Alexandra's correspondence)

The Last Tsar M.Paterson

Nicholas and Alexandra RK Massie

War and Revolution

The Three Emperors M.Carter

Towards the Flame D.Lieven

A People's Tragedy O.Figes

The Russian Revolution SA Smith (OUP very Short Introduction)

Reaction and Revolution M.Lynch (Textbook)

The Russian Civil War Osprey Series

The Red Flag D.Priestland


Stalin: The Court of The Red Tsar S.Sebag Montefiore

Stalin's Russia M.Whittock (Textbook)

Stalin A.Marrin

The Great Bear at War C.McNab

Bloodlands - Europe between Hitler and Stalin T.Snyder

Behind Closed Doors L.Rees

The Shortest History of The Soviet Union S.Fitzpatrick

Later USSR

The Khruschev Era M.McCauley (Textbook)

The Cold War JL Gaddis

Perestroika M.Gorbachev

The Last Empire S.Plokhy


Midnight Diaries B.Yeltsin

Putin's People C.Belton

Putin P.Short (to be published in June 2022)

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