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A new Corona Vocabulary

NOTE: I mentioned before one of my zoom lectures for JW3 that I was keeping a Corona Journal and as part of that a list of words, new to me or given new meanings during the pandemic. A number of people said could I put it on my blog. Your wish is my command, well sort of!

In no particular order, other than my recording of them:-


Covid 19


Social Distancing

Zoom Conferencing

Nightingale Hospitals

Seacole Centres




Grey Lockdown


The 'R' Number

Elbow Bumps

Clapping for Carers

Herd Immunity

Ramping up

New Normal

Old Normal



Traffic Light System

Corona Phobia

Covid Snakes

Air Bridges

Stay at Home

Stay Alert

I am sure I have missed many. I also guess almost all, if not all, of the above are known and understood by you all. But in thirty years time that will be another story.

My Journal will in the end go to The Public Record Office in West Sussex, who have appealed for them, along with a file of cuttings, specially printed takeaway menus and other lockdown ephemera.. If you have such things check with your own local Record Office because I believe all of them may be collecting such material. It won't have public access, unless you agree or otherwise at your death!

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