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A Short list of books on Liberalism, Democracy et al

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Populism Mudde & Laltwasser

Liberalism M.Freeden

Populism M Burleigh

Twilight of Democracy A Applebaum

How Democracies Die Lwevitsky & Ziblatt

Liberalism and its Discontents F Fukuyama

Fascism M. Albright

How to be a Liberal I.Dunt

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Mar 29, 2022

Re: Liberalism:

I would suggest the following book:_

Ian Dunt, 2020, How to be a liberal, Canbury Press, Kingston upon Thames. £10.99

This book by the political journalist, Ian Dunt. gives the history and development of liberal ideas behind western democracy - and the perils to it from the nationalistic tendencies that are currently growing.

John Cooper-Hammond.

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