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A very personal booklist for Medieval Banking

*The History of Money Jack Weatherford

Medici Money Tim Parks

**Chronicle of The Abbey of Bury St Edmunds Jocelin of Brakelond

The Knights Templar Helen Nicholson

Money in the Medieval English Economy JL Bolton

Florence from the Medieval Period to The Renaissance Various

***Money and its use in Medieval Europe Peter Spufford

* This is a wonderful general history covering all time frames.

** The references to Jewish bankers in this contemporary account are so enlightening

*** For numismatists this is a gem.

PS There is no 'one' book to recommend. Those listed above have important passages only that are strictly relevant.

Any retired bankers out there, then this is a niche project for you to fill! But be warned it will involve travel to Florence, Venice, Rome, Genoa et al!!!

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