• William Tyler


For my numismatic friends: Coins and Medals of the English Civil War by Edward Besly. An example of how such books should be written

For my Historian friends who like academic history but in small doses: The Emergence of The English (a slim volume) by Susan Oosthuizen. A reinterpretation of Post-Roman 'England'

For Tudor fanatics: Black Tudors by Miranda Kaufmann. A ground breaking study

For those zooming into my first JW3 lecture on Environment and History, two books:

Origins by Lewis Dartnell, and Europe; The First 100 Million Years by Tim Flannery

For those seeking obscurer but fascinating history; The Secret Lives of Colour by Kassia St Clair. The story of colours from Khaki to Mountbatten Pink, from Dragon's Blood to Prussian Blue. Promise you won't be bored but rather absorbed

For those with low brow fiction taste like me; The amusing crime novels of Ian Sansom starring the amazing figure of Morley, 'The Peoples' Professor'. Each is set in an English county, It's best to read them in order, beginning with The Norfolk Mystery. So far, there are four in the series out of a projected 44

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