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The Butcher, The Baker, and The Candlestick Maker. Roger Hutchinson.

The story of The Census since 1861

Histories of the Unexpected. Willis & Daybell

Everything has a History from perfumes to paperclips, from rubbish to The Itch

A New Dictionary of English Fieldnames. Paul Cavill

From Boggart Field to Van Diemans Land

Lotharingia. Simon Winder

A Lost Land of Europe. Author of Germania and Danubia.

The Year Without Summer. Guinevere Glasfurd

Fictional account of the effects of 1815 earthquake of Mt Tambura on six different people

Making Another World Possible. Peter Ryley

Anarchism in late 19th and early 20th century Britain. Peter Ryley is a friend and former colleague. His last post was as a tutor in University of Hull's Adult Education Department

And two books I searched out for friends (and then ordered for myself)

A Short History of Disease. Sean Martin

From prehistory to Ebola

A Social History of England. 900-1200. Julia Crick

I am really looking forward to reading this

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