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Denmark, Norway 1940: Feature Films

I know a number of readers of this blog have access to Amazon Prime Video on the internet.

I have recently watched two feature films on Amazon Prime that tell the story of the Nazi Occupation of both of these Scandinavian countries. I enjoyed them enormously, not least for their strict historical accuracy, and so thought I would share.

The first is called 'April 9th' which is about a small troop of Danish soldiers caught in the path of the Nazi invasion on that date. It is Danish made and, I thought, was a gripping story true to life.

The second is called 'The King's Choice' and concerns the choice that has to be made by King Haakon VII in the face of German demands. It is solidly based on fact, and the opening few minutes consist of original footage, and the last few tell us what happened to the main characters. The choice made by the King comes right at the end of the film. It is as about as true to historical fact as you can get in a drama production. It is Norwegian made. Absolutely gripping from first minute to last. Now ranks as the best historical drama on screen that I have watched. No higher praise.

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