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Below is the synopsis of my lockdown lecture for 17 June.

Please note this lecture and next week's will cover much of the same postwar period but look at different aspects/ Trudy will also be speaking on this period and will, for example, present a detailed analysis of The Balfour Declaration of 1917

So here is my synopsis for Monday

  1. A preface and a Recap: Palestine in 1914

  2. Allied diplomatic manoeuvers during the war

  3. The final collapse of The Ottoman Empire 1909-22

  4. The Ottoman Empire in 1918

  5. The birth of Turkey in new war with Greece

  6. The legal settlement of The Middle East by The League of Nations

  7. A right old mess!

More next week re the settlement and Churchill's role in it

The major books used in preparation of this lecture

The Ottoman Endgame S McMeekin

The Fall of the Ottoman Empire and the Emergence of the Modern Middle East

O'Brien & Maddox

The Ottomans G.Wheatcroft

The Balfour Declaration J.Schneer

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