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English Arabists and Zionists

Updated: Jun 9

Synopsis and small reading list for Lockdown lecture, 10 June

1.Britain's engagement with Middle East from The First World War onwards (although this responsibility is today primarily in the hands of The USA).

2.British Arabism and Orientalism - a long history, briefly told

Was/Is the British Foreign Office pro Arab?

Two examples of soldiers: Lawrence, Glubb

3.Christian Zionism - a long history culminating in Balfour Declaration (1917)

Lloyd George and the Jews

Churchill and the Jews

PS More on last two items next week when we look at the settlement in The Middle East post WW1

A look forward: Orde Wingate

Small Reading List

In Search of Knowledge Leslie McCoughlin

Winston's Folly Christopher Catherwood

David Lloyd George - A Christian Zionist

History of The Jews (Ch13) Captivating History

The Changing Success of Life John Glubb

Lawrence Michael Asher

The Balfour Declaration Jonathan Schneer

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