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JW3 Italy course Thurs 10 March

I shall be at JW3 in person tomorrow, but you can still view via zoom

Mussolini and World War Two

  1. 1938 Moving closer to Hitler

  2. Italy enters war in 1940

  3. Italy invades Greece. A disaster of significance

  4. Italy, along with Germany, defeated in North Africa and invasion of Sicily takes the war to Italy itself

  5. Mussolini begins to lose it and is forced to resign 1943

  6. Italy surrenders but Germany fights on in the centre and north

  7. Battle of Monte Cassino 1944/5

  8. Anzio landings 1944

  9. Italian Partisans

  10. 1944/5 Fighting continues

  11. Mussolini shot and strung up 28/4/45

War in Italy 1943-45 by Richard Lamb

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