• William Tyler

JW3 Morning One Off, 10.30 to 1pm, Thurs 7th January: ROMAN JUDEA

Welcome to our first history session of 2021.

Our morning together will be divided into three equal parts, viz:

  1. The Creation of the Roman Province of Judea 6AD

  2. the First Jewish-Roman War 66-74 AD

  3. The Second Jewish-Roman War 132-135 AD

If you have a map of Ancient Judea it might be handy to have it to hand, although the story is so action packed and fast moving you probably will just want to listen as it all unfolds.


The Jewish War Josephus

The Jewish Revolt 66-74 Osprey Series

Jerusalem Simon Sebag Montefiore

Egypt and Judaea John Grainger

Rome and Jerusalem \Martin Goodman

Apocalypse 66-73 Neil Faulkner

The Roman Empire Christopher Kelly

Sketches of Jewish Life in the days of Christ Alfred Edersheim

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