• William Tyler

JW3 One Day School, 30 Sept.


Welcome back to my first course of the new academic year.

There is still time to join me either in person or by zoom.

Just contact JW3 Box Office, Tel: 020 7433 8988.

We begin at 11.30am and go through to lunch break at 1pm. We resume at 2pm and finish at 3.15pm.

I look forward to seeing you (either f2f or on zoom). PS You will notice I am into the jargon with f2f, but how I will cope with a live lecture and live zooming, called 'Blended Learning', is another matter. But having learnt to zoom - I was bad at the beginning - I hope to manage this change better!

Synopsis and Booklist for Katanga

Let me take you back 60 years to Central Africa

Congolese Background 1: Two Congos

Congolese Background 2: The Belgian Heart of Darkness

Winds of Change blow even for Belgium, 1960

Province of Katanga secedes from Congo in July 1960

UN Security Council Resolution 143

USSR's involvement

The geo-political chaos of Katanga


Enter a detachment of The Irish Army

Incident at Jadotville

The Siege and Battle of Jadotville

Surrender and POWs

Irish Aftermath


Patrice Lumumba

Colonel/President Mobutu

Moise Tshombe

Dag Hammarskjold

Conor Cruise O'Brian


The End of Katanga

Significance and Context


Congo by David Van Reybrouck

Siege at Jadotville by Declan Power

Katanga 1960-63 by Christopher Othen


The Siege at Jadotville (available on Netflix)

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