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Lies, Damned Lies, Statistics AND GRAPHS

I have been learning from my son this morning about logarithmic scales which COBR are using in constructing the graphs used at Government briefings, These scales are not like ordinary graph scales and give a distorted view of the facts. If you look carefully at the graphs you will soon notice that the gaps between the various figures on the left change in, to an ignorant eye like mine, a random way; and it is this that gives a false impression.

At a time when the Government should be doing everything to be transparent why are they using this scale? Is it because they wish to downplay the fact that the figures are rising? Surely not!

I have written to my MP this morning, and so when/if I get a reply I shall let you all know.

Anyone who is qualified in this area who would like to offer a rational explanation, please email me, and I will add it to the blog..

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03 apr 2020

It is not unusual to use a logrithmic scale where the curve is rising exponentially. On a linear scale the curve will tend towards a vertical line, though you can change the scale but the tendency will still be the same. the logrithmic scale takes into account that rise so trends should be easier to spot. For a comparison of two scales in action, have a look at the Worldometer site for Coronavirus infection and deaths. you have a choice of scale for the two graphs over the top of the table.

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