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Lockdown American Lecture for 29th January

Updated: Jan 27

'I will defend Korea as I would my own country', MacArthur

KOREAN WAR 1950-53

  1. The Forgotten War

  2. Japanese Occupation 1910-45

  3. Russia enters war against Japan at 11th hour, between bombing of Hiroshima and then Nagasaki, ie 8 August 1945

  4. Korea divided into two Zones of Occupation as Japan surrenders, viz North (Russia) and South (US)

  5. A fourth Player on the scene - Communist China

  6. War comes in 1950 between South, backed by UN (US & Allies), and North backed by China (and less publicly by Russia)

  7. A war of movement until there is no movement in 1953

  8. A static Armistice (1953) divides the two Koreas to this day

There are many books on the war but below is a small selection:-

The Korean War Brian Catchpole

The Korean War Max Hastings

The Korean War Bruce Cumings

This Kind of War TR Fehrenbach

The War that Never Ended Gordon Kerr

The Real North Korea Andrei Lankov

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