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Lockdown Lecture WEDNESDAY 29th May at 7PM GMT

Please note above change of my usual day and also a change of time to two hours later.

The Ottoman Empire up to World War One, 1914

OR It all began with Napoleon - again!

I continue our story of The Ottoman Empire

  1. Gradual Decline or Policy of Adaptation which ultimately fails ?

  2. Reform under Selim III (1789-1807)

  3. The West, France and Britain, become involved on the ground for first time from 1798

  4. The Crimean War (1853-56) allies Britain and France to The Empire against Russia

  5. Voices for change

a. The Tazimat (Reorganisation) 1839-76

b. Constitution of 1876

c. Young Ottoman to Young Turks

d. Ideas of Nationalism and Constitutionalism spreads into Arab Middle East

6. Loss of Ottoman Territories by 1914

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