• William Tyler

Monarchy: For and Against

The Queen's Platinum Jubilee made the nation think of what comes next. In one sense we know that Prince Charles will inherit the throne, but in another we remain uncertain how long the Monarchy itself can survive into the present century. We know that roughly 40% of the population are currently opposed to it and would prefer an elected Head of State. We further know that the popular support for the Monarchy rests largely with the older generation, and thus long term may be threatened.

Yet we also know that there is no agreement as to what an election for a Head of State would look like. Quite likely it would turn the job into a political one, far removed from how the present Queen has seen it. We remain divided, with the arguments relatively evenly balanced both for and against. At present the proposition, better the devil you know seems to be winning out.

Yet many monarchists feel that if it is to survive it has to cut out the flummery surrounding it , be more accountable, become smaller, and be less expensive. We are led to believe that the two adult heirs to the throne largely agree with this view.

What no one much talks about is that it may simply end when an heir says 'enough is enough' and joins those advocating for an elected Head of State.

Meanwhile we face the possibility of the election of a Conservative Prime Minister who made a cogent anti-monarchy speech when she was younger and a member of The Liberal Democrats.

What an odd country we truly are!

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