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Not so Neutral: 1939-41

In the American Series on Lockdown, 15th January


  • Setting the Scene - On both sides of The Atlantic

  • War Comes to Europe, 1939

  • War comes in earnest to Britain, 1940

  • Churchill the Warlord, 1940

  • Dunkirk and The Battle of Britain, 1940

  • FDR acts as France Falls, June 1940

  • American Eagle Squadrons fight in Battle of Britain

  • British Propaganda in The States

  • Churchill and Roosevelt and The Atlantic Charter, 1941

  • German undeclared naval warfare against US

  • Lend-Lease Programme to aid Britain, 1941

  • PEARL HARBOUR, Dec 1941 brings US into the war

We shall in this lecture see that the classic definition of neutrality is far removed from President Roosevelt's actions as he seeks increasingly to support Britain whilst at the same time keeping America out of the hostilities.

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