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Read On! A General Booklist

Selection of new history books

Herod the Great Martin Goodman

An African History of Africa Zeinab Badawi

Beyond the Wall (East Germany) (now in pbk) Katya Hoyer

Killers of The Flower Moon (US, fights over oil drilling) David Gann

Storm's Edge (history & Folklore of Orkney) Peter Marshall

Winters in the World (The Anglo Saxon Year) Eleanor Parker

Normal Women (short biographies) Philippa Gregory

The Carnation Revolution (Portugal 1974) Alex Fernandes

Remembering Peasants (a lost European society) Patrick Joyce

Africa: The definitive visual history pub by Dorling & Kindersley

Adventure and Crime Novelists

Peter James British author of police investigations (now on tv)

Scott Mariani Rip roaring adventures of former SAS Major

Roy Clements History based novels

David Baldacci American author of serious crime cases

Richard Osman British author of group of retirees acting as amateur detectives

Old Friends Re-Visited

Diaries of Victor Klemperer (Germany succumbs to Nazism through eyes of a Jew)

Diaries of Samuel Pepys (one of the world's greatest diarists)

The Man on a donkey (Dissolution of the Monasteries) by HFM Prescott. Considered tyo be a great historical novel

Cider with Rosie by Laurie Lee

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