• William Tyler

Scramble for Africa and The Boer War: A short reading list.


A Short History of Africa G.Kerr

The State of Africa M.Meredith


The Scramble for Africa T.Pakenham


Empire N.Fergusson

Empire J.Paxman

Rise and Fall of The British Empire L.James

The Decline and Fall of The British Empire P.Brendon


A History of South Africa L.Thompson et al

A History of South Africa F.Welsh

Diamonds, Gold and War M.Meredith

A Concise History of South Africa R.Ross

South Africa & The British Empire Charles Rivers Editors


The Boer War T.Pakenham

The Boer Wars H.Freeman

The Boer War 1898-1902 I.Knight (Osprey Series)

PLUS a very recently published book entitled 'Waves Across The South', sub-titled 'A New History of Revolution and Empire'. Written by Sujit Sivasundaram, this presents an entirely new way of looking at the history of colonial expansion in the Southern Hemisphere. It is both challenging and utterly fascinating. It is, however, no light reading, as you would expect as the author is Professor of World History at Cambridge. The two dozen or so pages on South Africa are worth the price of the book alone, of course in my view.

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