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Second Christmas time Quiz

On American History

1 Which militant group in the 1960s did Bobby Seale belong to?

2 What issue between US and UK was finally resolved by the 1846 Oregon Treaty?

3 Of which President did an English friend say, 'You must remember that the President is about 6'?

4 Which US state was previously known as The Territory of Orleans?

5 Which present US state once had an embassy in London?

6 Were there Americans fighting at Battle of Trafalgar? If yes, why?

7 Which early, and revered, President has recently had his statue removed from New York Town Hall?

8 Which American President's wife once said to Churchill, 'You've never really liked me'?

9 Who first brought a Wild West Show to Britain?

10 In what present American state did Sir Francis Drake make landfall and claim the territory for Queen Elizabeth I?

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