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Synopses for JW3 Zoom classes, Thursday 10th December

Morning: The War is Over

Our morning divides neatly (!) into two.

The first part will look at Britain itself in the austerity years of the Labour Government between 1945 to 1951.

It will embrace topics ranging from rationing to the dreadful winter of 1947, from Nationalisation to The NHS and Secondary Education for All.

The second part will look at Britain on the wider world stage from its relationship with post war Europe, its embracing of an independent nuclear deterrent, through to the Partitioning of India and our relationship with The USA.

Further Reading

Austerity Britain by David Kynaston

Roller-Coaster: Europe 1950-2017 by Ian Kershaw

The Cold War by John Lewis Gaddis

Iron Curtain by Anne Applebaum

Afternoon: Changing Nature of The Premiership

From Walpole to Johnson

Nature of Changes

Towards a Presidential Style: Lloyd George and Churchill

Has there been a fall in the Quality of Candidates? If so, why?

Role of The PM

Is reform in the air despite public apathy?

Cabinet Ministers, Civil Servants, and SPADs

Person Specification for the job of PM?

'The Powerlessness of Power' (Can't think of a better issue on which to end!)

Further Reading

The Prime Ministers ed. Iain Dale

The Prime Ministers by Steve Richards

The Prime Minister by Peter Hennessy

British Prime Ministers from Balfour to Brown by Pearce and Goodlad

Statecraft by Margaret Thatcher

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