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Synopses for JW3 Zoom Courses for 15th October

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Our new term begins this Thursday. You can still book by contacting JW3 direct on

020 7433 8988.

Morning Class: Voices of War. Begins at 11am

This course will look at World War Two through contemporary diaries, autobiographies, letters etc.

Week 1: War is Coming


Britain in The Thirties: A Country divided

War looms nearer

War comes, September 1939

Change of Prime Minister, May 1940

A short list for further reading (I shall add to this list week by week)

World War II: The Autobiography, edited by Jon Lewis

Poetry of The Second World War edited by Desmond Graham

Waiting for Hitler by Midge Gillies

Travellers in The Third Reich by Julia Boyd

Keep the Memory Green by Butler & Bradford

Defying Hitler by Sebastian Haffner

Our History of the 20th Century compiled by Travis Elborough

Afternoon: The Nearly Men - Some of those that just failed to make it to No 10

Begins at 2pm

Although two women have made it through the famous door, no other woman has come near to making it- hence 'The Nearly Men'.

Week 1: Short background to the history of our Constitution and Political Structure


Constitutional story begins 1688/1714

Office of Prime Minister

Executive and Legislature

Our story is set in a small part of London

The Prime Ministerial story is begun by Sir Robert Walpole

Evolution of our Political infrastructure

Each week I will suggest books for further reading.

Parliament, Vol 1 & 2, by Chris Bryant

Number 10 by Terence Feely

The Prime Minister by Peter Hennessy

The English Constitution by Walter Bagehot

'See' you Thursday ! William

Although two women have made it through the famous door, other women have failed to get very close.

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