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Synopses for JW3 zoom lecture this week, 16th July


  1. Recap: What is Global Warming?

  2. Recap: Overview of the consequences of Global Warning

  3. Global Warning in The Arctic

  4. Additional problem: Methane

  5. Flooding Revisited: Coastal and Inland

  6. Temperature increases

  7. Plastics and Population Growth

  8. Political Aspects

  9. The Future: Hope or Hopelessness? 'You may drive out nature with a pitchfork, yet she will still hurry back', Horace

Afternoon: Berlin Reunified

  1. The process of legal reunification

  2. Mrs Thatcher objects

  3. The economic results of reunification

  4. The social results of reunification

  5. The political results of reunification

  6. Berlin the old/new capital

  7. Berlin and the binding together of two very dissimilar communities

  8. Is the new Berlin more reminiscent of Weimar Berlin than either East Berlin or West Berlin ?

  9. We end inevitably with questions, for history never ends and the present is but the starting point for the future. Where now for the reunified Germany and Berlin in the light of Brexit and increased American isolationism? Does the European fear of the re-emergence of an overmighty Germany misjudge the new Germany? Does a belief in the democratic new Germany, as one of us, blind us to political forces stirring within?

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