• William Tyler

Synopses for my two classes via zoom for JW3 this Thursday, 7th May

Both classes this week will follow the format of 40 mins lecture + 5 mins comfort stop + 40 mins lecture. Morning begins at 11am and afternoon at 2pm.

Morning: The Little Ice age in The Middle Ages Part 2.

I will begin with a recap (also look at last week synopsis) and proceed to how people coped with changing weather patterns. Then we shall look at the agricultural effects of The Black Death of 1348/49, which will include, amongst other things, pigeons and rabbits, sheep and saffron. We shall next look across the Channel to see what was happening in mainland Europe, at the cold period of 1560-1600, and, finally, at how humans damaged the environment themselves and then began to take steps to limit that damage.

Book not previously mentioned: Alternative Agriculture, Chapter 1 by Joan Thirsk

Afternoon: Royal to Imperial Berlin. 1701-1871

First a short recap of 1701 to 1815 (also look at last week's synopsis).We next turn to an overview of 1815 to 1848, followed by studying the industrialisation of Berlin in particular the Borsig locomotive company. Following this positive Berlin story we come to the failure of the 1848 Revolution, but one which left the legacy of the idea of a unified Germany. One man, born just outside Berlin, now enters centre stage, Bismarck. We look at the moment of Unification in 1871 and the new challenges it presented to both Prussia and Berlin, before finishing by looking nearly half a century ahead with consequences we know only too well

No new books to mention this week.

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