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Synopses for my two JW3 Zoom classes this Thursday, 12th November

Morning: The Pacific War

Prelude: Sino-Japanese War

Pearl Harbour 7.12.41

Was there advance warning of the attack?

Loss of HMS Prince of Wales and Repulse 10.12.41

Fall of Singapore 15.2.42

The tide turns - Battle of Midway 3.6.42

Island hopping towards Japanese main islands

The Atomic Bombs dropped on Japan

Consequences of the War in The Pacific, including Soviet-Japanese War, 1945

Never Forget

Some References

Modern Japan by Christopher Goto-Jones

Hell in The Pacific by Lewis and Steele

Road to Victory by Martin Gilbert

The Pacific War by John Costello

Nemesis by Max Hastings

Afternoon: Lord Halifax and RA Butler


More to Halifax than doing a deal with Hitler

His early life

1920s Climbing the greasy political pole

Viceroy of India 1926-31

Appeasement in the 1930s

Not a fascist and by the end of The Thirties not a diehard appeaser YET...

Foreign Secretary

Turns away chance of being PM, May 1940

Yet, continued ................up to June 1940

Divided conclusions

Further References

The Holy Fox by Andrew Roberts

Parliament Vol2 by Chris Bryant



His early life

Married into money twice

Appeaser yet serves in Churchill's Wartime Government

Education Act 1944 - The Butler Act

First nearly moment 1942

Second nearly moment 1957, after Suez

Third nearly moment, 1963 after resignation of Macmillan

An unlikely summariser in George Brown

Further References

The Art of The Possible by RA Butler

RAB by Anthony Howard

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