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Synopses for my two JW3 Zoom lectures, 22nd October

If you are able to encourage others to join us it would be helping people coping with lockdown as well as helping JW3 through this challenging time. To enrol simply phone JW3 on 020 7433 8988.


1940: Make or Break Year

10 May 1940 - Churchill takes over from Chamberlain

22 June 1940 - Fall/Surrender of France

Dunkirk: 'Deliverance not Victory'

Fight on!

Battle of Britain (and its myths)

Voices from the Battle

Blitz and Leadership

Fight on!

Further Reading List:

Last Hope Island by Lynne Olson

Darkest Hour by Anthony McCarten

Cabinet's Finest Hour by David Owen

The Oaken Heart by Margery Allingham

Witness to War ed. Richard Aldrich

The Second World War Vol 2 by Winston Churchill

Plus: Also see last week's list.


1714: A Year of Choice

A sideways introduction: Parallels with today

1700 Act of Settlement

Questions of Definition

The problem defined

Two Tories at war: Robert Harley (Earl of Oxford) and Henry St John (Visc. Bolingbroke)

A Party divided

4 General Elections: 1705, 1710, 1713, 1714

Tory humiliation, Jacobitism's path to oblivion, Whig supremacy

Origins of office of Prime Minister and emergence of the first 'nearly man'

Further Reading:

The Jacobite Movement by Sir Charles Petrie

Jacobitism and Tory Politics by D. Szechi

One of my own blogs ( Politicians don't change! [simply scroll down on the blog page until you reach it]

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