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Synopses for this Thursday's (26th Nov) JW3 zoom classes

Morning: the War at Sea

We shall concentrate on the role played by the Royal Navy,

  1. Prelude 1930 London Naval Conference

  2. Norway: Lessons not learned

  3. Some of the major capital ships sunk on both sides

  4. Would the Royal Navy have prevented a German invasion if we had lost the Battle of Britain?

  5. Sinking of the French Fleet at Mers el Kebir

  6. Battle of the Atlantic

  7. Battle of the Mediterranean

  8. Arctic Convoys

Further Reading:

World War II at Sea; A Global History by Craig Symonds

Afternoon: Gaitskell and Foot

Two more Labour nearly men. One, Gaitskell, halted in mid stride by death, and one, Foot, failed with 'the longest suicide note in history'.

Whilst looking at Gaitskell we shall look at, amongst other things The Matrimonial Causes Act, 1937, and at his bitter rivalry with Aneurin Bevan.

Whilst looking at Foot we shall explore the birth of the SDP and the odd General Election of 1983.

Further Reading

The Prime Minister [Wilson to Johnson] by Steve Richards

Gaitskell by Brian Brivati

Michael Foot by Kenneth Morgan

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