• William Tyler

Synopsis for JW3 Italy course, Thurs 24 Feb

Please note I shall be giving this talk in person in JW3, but you can still choose to join via zoom

At War in 1915

  1. Two facts with which to begin

  2. War Comes: 23 May 1915

  3. The war against Austro-Hungary begins. A nasty, bitter, and deadly conflict

  4. 29 August 1916 Italy declares war on Germany

  5. Austrian and German Army inflict severe defeat on Italians at Caporetto October 1917

  6. Italians defeat a crumbling Austria at Vittorio Veneto and on 29 Oct Austria surrenders

  7. Italy gains territory at Versailles Conference but remains dissatisfied

  8. PS Other theatres of war in which Italy fought

  9. 1919 The emergence of Fascism

  10. What happens next? Well, that is next week's story!

New books referred to

The First World War ed. Jon Lewis

Italy: The Rise of Fascism Mark Robson (Textbook)

The Italian Army of World War One David Nicolle (Osprey Series)

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