• William Tyler

Synopsis for JW3 morning class: Thurs 11 March

Re-engaging with Europe 1945-73: A Tortuous Process

1 Introduction: 1945 Failing to come to terms with new status

2 Defence: BAOR, NATO, Independent Nuclear Deterrent, and The Cold War

3 Rejection of 'EU' from 1950 onwards, and concern over closer political European integration

4 Re-assessment of 'EU': Thorneycroft, economic problems mount, Britain now asks to join, and 'Non!'

5 We do finally join: Ted Heath & 1973, but we remain divided, Harold Wilson & 1976 Referendum

6 Conclusion: Back where we began

Some References

Britain Alone Philip Stephens

1000 Years of Annoying the French Stephen Clarke

Britain's Europe Brendan Simms

This Sovereign Isle Robert Tombs

PS It is good now that we have left The EU to go back to the reasons why we joined in the first place and to note that we did so with reluctance and over two decades of dither. It throws much light on the situation today, the topic to which we turn next week.

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