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Synopsis for last American History Lecture for Lockdown

An Uncertain World

Continuing from last week, when we focussed on the end of one Cold War and the beginning of the next, we shall in this talk look at the world in 2024, the third decade of the 21st century.

  • Why today's uncertainty is of a different order from the uncertainties of the past.

  • The United States continues to have a vital role to play in finding answers

  • Wars and rumours of wars from The Arctic to The South China Sea - Ukraine, The Middle East, and many more

  • Astropolitics. Humanity takes its issues into space

  • The UN: Going the same way as The League of Nations?

  • Artificial Intelligence. A challenge to peace, but especially a challenge for democracy

  • The Environmental Crisis which threatens the very planet itself

N.B. Please remember that many of the things I shall be speaking about are controversial for some, from climate deniers to the potential affects of AI. I will say what I think are the issues and then you must decide for yourself. The list of books below, and hundreds of others, as well as articles in academic journals, responsible newspapers and magazines, as well as serious television analysis will all help us form our opinions as we continue to grapple with these issues.

Some Further Reading

Power of Geography Tim Marshall

The Future of Geography (Space) Tim Marshall

Globalisation Paul Wilkinson

The New Fire (AI) Buchanan & Imbrie

Foreign Affairs Journal Jan/Feb 2024

Does WW3 start here (Taiwan) Sunday Times Magazine March 2024

The Hard Right is Rising The Times 16/3/24

Wasteland by Wednesday Kristopher Justin

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