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Synopsis for Lockdown Lecture. 15 April

From the The Rise of Islam to the Crusading Centuries

The Pre Islamic Arabs

Origins-Language-Tribal Societies- Attitude of Byzantines and Persians- Jewish contact in Book of Nehemiah


Early Life - Visions - Fight with Mecca - Religious message - Jihad

Spread of Islam

By the sword or by the Word? Across Middle East into North Africa across the Straits of Gibraltar as far as France - Seljuk Turks convert to Islam

The Christian Crusades

Capture of Jerusalem - Establishment of Outremer Kingdoms - Saladin and victory at Hattin - Acre falls leaving Islam triumphant

Three introductory books for those who would like to read more (please use the bibliographies too)

A Concise History of the Arabs David Gardner

Islam Karen Armstrong

The Crusades Christopher Tyerman

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