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Synopsis for Thurs 18th Nov JW3 Caucasus course

Russian Civil War and Caucasian bids for freedom

The February 1917 Russian Revolution

The October 1917 Bolshevik Revolution

In The Caucasus, a Transcaucasian state established by Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia

The Transcaucasian state was extremely short lived

The three states split apart and go their own ways: 'The Phantom States', Charles King

Azerbaijan 1918-20

Battle of Baku

British intervention

General Dunsterville

Armenia 1918-20

Treaty of Sevres 1920

Georgia 1918-21

Stalin's involvement

Stalin's early life

Under Soviet rule : Next week's story

Some new books

The Ghost of Freedom Charles King

A People's Tragedy Orlando Figes

Very Short Introduction Series:-

The Russian revolution SA Smith

Russian History Geoffrey Hosking

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