• William Tyler

Synopsis for Thurs 18th Nov JW3 Caucasus course

Russian Civil War and Caucasian bids for freedom

The February 1917 Russian Revolution

The October 1917 Bolshevik Revolution

In The Caucasus, a Transcaucasian state established by Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia

The Transcaucasian state was extremely short lived

The three states split apart and go their own ways: 'The Phantom States', Charles King

Azerbaijan 1918-20

Battle of Baku

British intervention

General Dunsterville

Armenia 1918-20

Treaty of Sevres 1920

Georgia 1918-21

Stalin's involvement

Stalin's early life

Under Soviet rule : Next week's story

Some new books

The Ghost of Freedom Charles King

A People's Tragedy Orlando Figes

Very Short Introduction Series:-

The Russian revolution SA Smith

Russian History Geoffrey Hosking

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