• William Tyler

The Habsburgs: A Select Reading List

The Habsburgs Martyn Rady

The Habsburgs Andrew Wheatcroft

The Habsburg Empire Martyn Rady

A Concise History of Austria Steven Beller

Holy Roman Empire Magazine style from All About History

Charles V Geoffrey Parker

The Enemy at the Gate Andrew Wheatcroft (Habsburgs v Ottomans)

Lepanto 1571 Angus Konstam (Osprey Military Series)

The Shadow of The Empress Nancy Goldstone (Maria Theresa)

Emperor Francis Joseph John Van Der Kiste

For God and Kaiser Richard Bassett (Imperial Austrian Army)

The Dissolution of the Austro-Hungarian Empire John Mason (small revision book)

The Austro-Hungarian Dual Monarchy Ed. Zsuzsa Gaspar (lavishly illus. coffee table book)

Imperial Twilight Bertita Harding (Last Emperor and Empress)

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