• William Tyler

War Drums Across the Balkans: Yugoslavia 1989 to Today

This JW3 morning course begins on Thursday 22 April. Bookings available through JW3, see their website for details. All welcome to this zoom course of lectures.

This is a pre-course notice: it would be great if everyone could make sure they have a map of Yugoslavia and of the modern Balkans with them for the talks. Atlases and Historical Atlases would be useful as well as maps available to download from the internet.

Alternatively, books on the subjects invariably also contain excellent maps (v.below books marked with a *)

Short Booklist

The Balkans by Misha Glenny

Breaking the South Slav Dream by Kate Hudson

The Fall of Yugoslavia* by Misha Glenny (excellent maps)

The Collapse of Yugoslavia 1991-1999* by Alistair Finlan (nice colour maps)

The Dissolution of Yugoslavia by Charles Rivers Editors

Shadowplay by Tim Marshall

A synopsis for the first session, 'Yugoslavia: A country designed to fail?', I will publish in advance sometime early next week.

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