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War in The Middle East 1914-18

This is the title of my Lockdown Lecture for Monday 3 June

  1. The lead up to The Ottomans choosing the side of Germany

  2. British humiliation at Kut ('Iraq') 1914-16

  3. Allied humiliation at Gallipoli 1915

  4. The Armenian Genocide 1914-15

  5. The mercurial Lawrence of Arabia 1916-18

  6. The advance of General Allenby 1917

  7. Victory! 1918

  8. Aftermath - Political and Military (a full lecture on this to follow on 17 June)

Some Further Reading

Lawrence of Arabia's War Neil Faulkner (a brilliant book with lots of background)

Lawrence of Arabia Ranulph Fiennes

The Ottoman Endgame Sean McMeekin

  • Two classics

Greenmantle (a novel) by John Buchan. Covers German involvement in Middle East

Seven Pillars of Wisdom by Lawrence of Arabia (his own account of his war - ideally to be read in conjunction with Faulkner's book)

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