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A History Quiz : England

Answers in separate blog

1 If James I was the first who was the last?

2 Which King is buried in Gloucester Cathedral

3 Which Queen is buried in Peterborough Cathedral?

4 Which English Queen introduced custard tarts to Portugal?

5 Which English Queen never came to England?

6 If Robert Walpole was the first, who is the latest? [extra point for specific answer!]

7 Which modern English city was called by the Romans Deva?

8 What town/city was the furthest that Bonnie Prince Charlie's Army reached in 1745?

9 Which famous 18th century writer was born in Lichfield?

10 Which British PM was born in Canada?

11 What was Brunel's mother's maiden name?

12 Which English county was the last to be created?

13 Who was the last English King to lead an Army into battle? [extra point for naming the battle]

14 What was the original name of the town Bognor Regis?

15 Who was the royal father of the young man killed in the sinking of The White Ship?

16 What relation was George IV to Queen Victoria?

17 In what county was the Duke of Monmouth defeated?

18 What was the official port of entry to Roman Britain?

19 What was The Fyrd?

20 Before Meghan who was the first member of The Royal Family who had mixed heritage?

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