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A Wide Selection of Books


The World Simon Sebag Montefiori

A Village in The Third Reich Julia Boyd

How one village, Oberstdorf, lived through Nazi rule

Horizons: A History of Science James Poskett

The Mad Emperor: Heliogabalus Harry Sidebottom


Imperial Mud: The Fight for The Fens James Boyce

One of my favourite regions in England. The Fen Tigers (name of the people who lived there) were fiercely independent and resisted the loss of their exceptional landscape.


Citizen Louis-Charles Lizzi Wolf

The fictional story of Louis XVI's son who died in prison.

A Street Shaken by Light James Buchan

The first volume of six about a Scotsman who sets off in 1720 to find his fortune in France. Banking, India, shipwreck, Jacobitism all feature in this opening volume.

Dissolution CJ Sansom

Tudor England


Journey to Britannia Bronwen Riley

A Journey from Ancient Rome to Britain. Where facts and evidence are missing educated guesses take over. The bulk of the book is devoted to the journey in Britain.


32 Words for Field Manchan Magan

A book about lost Irish words which provides much more information than mere definition. By exploring the words selected in a rural context that is receding at a rapid rate if it has already not been lost.

The Coffin Roads Ian Bradley

The story of the roads and paths of Highland and Island Scotland, taken in the past, along which coffins were transported for burial in remote churchyards.

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