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Six Minutes in May - Nicholas Shakespeare [Churchill's assumption of power]

Cabinet's Finest Hour - David Owen

[Former Foreign Secretary writes of May 1940]

The World in Conflict - John Andrews

[A country by country round-up]

A Place for Everything - Judith Flanders

[History of the alphabet]

Birds in a Cage - Derek Niemann

[Birdwatchers in a Nazi POW Camp]

Providence Lost - Paul Lay

[Brilliant book about Cromwell's Protectorate]

Tidelands - Philippa Gregory

[Novel of The Civil War]

To Calais, in Ordinary Time - James Meek

[Novel set at time of Black Death written in a form of Middle English ; well worth the effort]

The Girl without Skin - Mads Peder Nordbo

[A fictional crime story set in Greenland with lots of history and culture; for fans of intelligent Scandinavian Noir]

Sentenced to Life - Clive James

[A must for poetry lovers]


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