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Churchill: A Booklist Part 1. 1874-1914

Most of the books listed below deal with a wider period than specified in my title, but are books I refer to when lecturing on this period of Churchill's life. The books starred * are those I have personally found great when preparing such lectures. You may or may not share my choices! The one to start with is the double starred 'My Early Life' by Churchill himself.

Churchill: A Study in Failure 1900-1939 Robert Rhodes James

* Churchill: A Life Martin Gilbert

* In Search of Churchill Martin Gilbert

Churchill and the Jews Martin Gilbert

The Young Statesman Randolph Churchill & Martin Gilbert

David and Winston Robert Lloyd George

* The Churchill Myths Steven Fielding et al

* Churchill Roy Jenkins

Young Titan Michael Shelden

The Wisdom of Winston Churchill ed. Sean Lamb


** My Early Life Winston Churchill

The Story of The Malakand Field Force Winston Churchill

The River War Winston Churchill

London to Ladysmith via Pretoria Winston Churchill

My African Journey Winston Churchill

* Great Contemporaries Winston Churchill

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