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Items from my Commonplace Book

  1. Nature always seemed to get on all right until people showed up. The novelist David Baldacci

  2. May you never meet a mouse in your pantry with tears in his eyes. A proverb

  3. There is an autumn for the fall of prejudices. It is the time when monarchies decline. That time has come. Victor Hugo in exile on Jersey

  4. Homo homini lupus. Man is a wolf to other men. Plautus

  5. ...all the work's done low on the food chain. Everyone else just has meetings. The novelist Mick Herron

  6. I like to putter. People my age, we putter, and we do it slow. The novelist David Baldacci

  7. We are the remnants of another age. Nikola Madzirov

  8. I look for simplicity, Reacher said. So do I. I hear hoof beats, I think horses, not zebras. The novelist Lee Child

  9. I couldn't tell you what happens in any of the books I just bought, but my shelf looks incredible. Twitter in the year of Coronavirus

  10. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak, and if we're being completely honest the spirit isn't always willing either. The novelist John Lanchester

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