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JW3: Au Revoir

For all my students past and present who came to my lectures at LJCC and then subsequently to JW3.

There wasn't a proper opportunity of saying 'thank you' to everyone.

I really appreciated the warmth of your send off on Thursday and on Friday

As to Friday I am so sorry that my lecture was interrupted by us being called downstairs to see the King. Sadly he didn't visit our class but that was not important as his visit, as you will have gathered, is all over the media yesterday and today. For those who don't know you can see a video of it on Youtube.

I have learnt so much through the years from you all, but most importantly I have learnt about the Jewish Community, and in doing so have had my life enriched. You have all been so welcoming and embracing of a non Jew who was quite ignorant of Judaism when he started. Not so clever now, but at least better informed!

I shall miss you all very much but when one feels the need to stop, as I have done over the last 8 months or so it is wise to heed the feeling. Most of you are aware that I found it increasingly tiring to do the courses, even when I gave up the afternoon one. Thank you all for your understanding.

I shall be putting more history blogs online which I will give heads up to on twitter. Please continue to keep in touch by reading some of the blogs, attending Lockdown Lectures online (which I am continuing), or by emailing me (

Finally, pass these comments on to those you who know might be interested and don't use blogs, and don't forget this is only Au Revoir to JW3 as I am booked to do a Day School in each of the three terms in 2023. This is likely to continue on to some unknown date. Can I make it to my 80th in 2025, even my 100th in 2045. We shall have to see!

So it's just bye for now,

Your Friend


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