• William Tyler

JW3. New course on Ukraine begins 27th Oct

Part 1: Who are the Ukrainians?

A Russian and a Ukrainian view

Where is Ukraine today? How long has there been an independent Ukrainian state?

Early settlement of the land in Antiquity

Who is a Slav?

Who were/are The Rus?

Who founded Kyiv?

Who were the Khazars?

The Cossacks established a Hetmanate

Cossacks in today's war

The late 18th century division of Ukraine between the Russian and Austrian Empires


Russian attitudes to Ukraine under the Tsars

Ukrainians attitudes towards Russian in this Tsarist period

The reality of Russian Ukraine

Can we reach any conclusive answer to our questions that is not political?

A First Reading List

The History of Ukraine and Russia by MM Vaughn

Ukraine: A Short History by Anthony Clayton

Medieval Ukrainian History - Charles Rivers Editors

Ukraine - The Last Version - " "

All the above our short pamphlets

A History of Ukraine by Serhii Plokhy. A full length Penguin book.

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