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King Charles I & Queen Henrietta Maria

  1. We start at the finish, ie 30/1/1649

  2. The context of our story today: Religious divisions

  3. The childhoods of our two Principals

  4. The unlikely dynastic marriage

  5. Two early political events in 1603 and 1625 which proved to be harbingers of doom

  6. Married life pre war, ie 1625-40

  7. 'The She-General' - Civil War

  8. Back to the start/finish of our story, ie 30/1/1649

  9. Events around the Queen post the King's execution

  10. The curtain finally falls on our story with the Queen's death in 1669

A Short Booklist

The latest Biographies:-

Charles I's Private Life Mark Turnbull

Henrietta Maria Leanda de Lisle

Background Books:-

The Blazing World Jonathan Healey

Civil War Peter Ackroyd

Cavaliers and Roundheads Christopher Hibbert

The English Civil Wars Blair Worden

Final Two Recommendations

The Trial of Charles I CV Wedgwood

The Weaker Vessel Antonia Fraser

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